Are Drones the Future of Advertising? This Guy Thinks So… If You Think Ads Are Terrible Now, Just Wait Until They Can Fly!

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A college drop-out has seen the future and apparently it’s all about drones and advertising.If you can’t afford a plane with a big-ass banner, then DroneCast might just be for you. For $100 a day, you can rent their fly-by-day (or night) ad space.From the founder:”Why stick to the same old conventional advertising? It’s time to start using a platform that will actually capture your audience’s attention! Billboards, newspapers, and TV advertisements are getting old. Our aerial advertising platform acts almost like a flying billboard, using a small drone to capture attention while displaying your advertisement to viewers.”Yup. Flying billboards. The future has arrived and it’s ad sponsored surveillance. Orwell, Gibson, Kurzweil — none of ‘em saw that coming.Your move Google.

Animal has more of the drone advertising story here: 

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