Science has come up with weird new ways to eat your food!

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I love food. I love science. So I should LOVE Cafe ArtScience. Here’s their mission:

“We are passionately committed to exploring the sustainable future of food through art and science experiments that lead to sensorial design innovations.”

They have been working with biochemical engineers to create some weird new food-like items and have expanded their menu to include coffee you can smell, but cannot drink – and after dinner mints that you inhale, but do not eat.

They have categorized these new food oddities thusly:

Edible Packaging – presumably packaged food where the packaging IS the food. Whether, or not, there is more food inside of the other food (that acts as packaging) is anyone’s guess – mostly because it might contain their next food category…

Air Food – or perhaps better explained as food that can be ingested by inhalation. Technically speaking, it makes wonder if all those bong loads I did in college could actually be better described as “inhaling a salad”. If I ever run for president, I will use this technical term to better describe my formal recreational “air food” habits.

Aromatic Messaging – this is the best term of them all. With aromatic messaging, you don’t need to chew, or ingest in any way. Instead, you are gifted with aromas that send you messages like “Hey, this smells like coffee.” How this is different from an air-freshener is lost on me, but hey, I’m totally willing to run with it.

I got so excited by this new fangled food technology, that I’m currently trying to find out how I can buy one of their food-like contraptions, so that I can amaze and severely bum out the kids that come knocking next halloween. I’d like to hand out Butterfingers they cannot eat, but only smell – NERDS they must inhale instead of chew. And I’m hoping that when they come back to egg my house, they do it with eggs I cannot see.

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