Too Many Cooks The Most Surreal Subversion of Sitcom Television You Will Ever See.

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Too Many Cooks is the most surreal subversion of sitcom television you will ever see. It aired at 4am for an entire week and since then, the innernets have exploded.

I can’t ruin this for y’all, so just watch and enjoy…

When asked where this absurdly dark idea came from, the creator, Chris “Casper” Kelly said:

“I think it was probably one of those shower ideas that you don’t know what to do with, and I knew Adult Swim was making 11-minute shorts…and also, I’m just a fan of that kind of humor where you repeat something ad nauseum and then it becomes funny again. I’ve never done that, and I wanted to try that. But it’s a little scary because it’s dangerous territory. I mentioned it to some coworkers here at Adult Swim, and they called it to my boss, and he said “Do it.”

This guy has the best job and boss on the planet.

When asked if his mom had seen his magnum television opus yet, he replied:

“She loves me, but maybe the stuff is too inappropriate for her. We’ll see what she says!”

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